Is bottled water safe to drink?

is bottled water safe

What do I mean? Is bottled water safe to drink?

Sure it is, just ask the bottled water industry, who state that all claims to the contrary are just a myth. Yeah, right.
And they claim it is safer than tap water.
Well that was what I believed. That’s why I bought all that bottled water the past few years.
Did you believe that too?

Independent sources have documented some very interesting facts:

toxic water– 25% of bottled water is little more than repackaged tap water
– some bottled water is 100 times more expensive than tap water
– most of the contaminants found in tap water are found in bottled water
And do you want to know what else is interesting?
Well we all know that the EPA has regulated what our tap water may contain, right?
So we all assume that the EPA has also regulated bottled water too? WRONG.

 Bottled water comes under the authority of the FDA! (Food and Drug Administration)

– that’s the same FDA that says genetically modified food is safe for us, while many other countries have banned it as being dangerous to our health.
– could this be a classic case of “follow the money”
– and that’s the same FDA that approves willy-nilly anything presented by the big drug companies?
– on a personal note, FDA-approved AstraZeneca poisoned tons of consumers and were fined millions by the government, but the millions were paid to the government and a pittance paid to the affected folks like my wife, a slender person who is now an Astra-Zeneca-induced type 2 diabetic.

And what about those plastic water bottles?

– a Deer Park bottle of water from Walmart reads PETE – which means polyethylene’ which has suspected cancer causing properties and was found to migrate into water.
– if you are going to drink from a plastic bottle, I suggest BPA-free polycarbonate
– I understand that trihalomethanes from plastic bottles, in addition to other health issues, that 1.5 oz. of water from these bottles can block testosterone in men for 4-6 hours – Crazy, right?

Well, what are we going to do to protect our health.

bottled waterWell I had been learning how to stop eating toxins in my food, and then I found out that as many come from our water – YUCK!
So what’s a senior to do? to stop polluting our bodies?
You know we old folks have taken in more toxins in our lives, and our bodies don’t handle what we eat as well as they used to.



Well, I have taken action to protect myself from these poisons!

As for me, I have a personal water bottle, in fact I have two
– a safe BPA-free plastic bottle
– a stainless steel insulated bottle
– both have a filter that remove almost all of the nasty stuff (94.42%)
– so I can drink tap water, and not buy bottled water!
If you want to learn about what I found to keep me healthy, as I drink all my water from one of these bottles, a guy just can’t be too careful…..
Just go to

What’s your health worth to you?

If I can help, just call me at 864-404-6696 – in fact you can get on my schedule at (
Ron “the healthy senior” McLean

PS: Did I mention that I am drinking water that’s good for my health and saving money at the same time – priceless!

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