No Humpty Dumpty – no Easter Bunny

Not Humpty Dumpty

Fresh eggs, more than Humpty Dumpty or Easter Eggs

Today I found a great local source.

We remember, back in the day, when time began, we ate eggs daily to get us going in the mornings.

We were told there were lots of vitamins, gave us energy, and tasted great too.

Then the folks who were selling fake fat and processed food convinced the government to tell us that eggs were bad for us.

In fact, we were supposed to only eat the egg whites as the yolks contained fat…..

What a crock!

If you believe that, you will also believe Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall……

Now they have come clean and confirmed that eating eggs is great for us.


The bad news? Not so great when the stuff chickens in cages, feed tham all these modified grains, give them hormones and drugs, almost lie Frankenstein don’t you think?

So with what we learned through 3X, Barbara and I changed our shopping, buying organic eggs from cage-fee chickens (well at lleast from the grocery store).

Not Humpty DumptyYesterday we had a neighbor post on Facebook that she had eggs from cage-free chickens, and fed organic grain, none of that chemical soup Monsanto pushes on us.

Today I met this lovely and enterprising young lady, and bought a couple of dozen FRESH eggs. Now I will have fresh eggs in the morning.

And, if you live in the Fairview NC area, you may want to look her up! Her name is Mandy and her website is – that is for her other business but you can contact her there.

I encourage you to eat fresh health eggs too!

Ron “eating healthy” McLean

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