The Right Way of Social Media Recruiting

the right way of social media recruiting

Well, what is the right way for Social Media recruiting? Well yesterday we talked about how not to recruit on social media, and if you missed my post, check it out How Not to Recruit on Social Media These points are from a webinar I attended with Ray Higdon, and congrats to Ray & Jess…

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How Not to Recruit on Social Media

Ray Higdon INC 5000

Do You Recruit on Social Media? how is it working for you? Just joined a Network Marketing company and the gurus told you to plaster your link all over the net? Email everyone you know, post your link all over Social Media? Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. Didn’t that suck? Well I found…

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All the way on the first date? How about Social Media?

Well, did you? How about with Social Media? Social Media is about relationships. In your personal life, did you expect to “go all the way” on your first date. If you did, you may want to reconsider who you are dating. Relationships are built in social media, one contact at a time as well. Will…

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