Are you in pursuit of all God intends for you on this well-worn path of life?

Then be encouraged—because I can attest—the best is yet to be.

At this stage of life, in this mature season, your path behind you may be flecked with various careers, marriage, children, and even grandchildren. Yes, life has been full.

And chances are, you’d love to continue building, leaving behind a rich legacy.

But the way forward?  Does it look more like an overgrown trail?

And sitting astride your trusted “steed,” so to speak, you may see hoof prints going in all directions . . .

  • So which new path is right for you? Which one takes you to higher ground, to a place of freedom and abundance?
  • Which one has been specifically designed for your gifts and talents for such a time as this?
  • And which one leads to richer blessings and deeper purpose?

You may agree with me that--yes, without a doubt--you were created not just “to exist,” but to experience a fruitful life, a higher mission.

And if so, then . . .

It would be my joy to help you capture—to boldly lasso!—your dreams for your family, your legacy, and your future.

Hi, my name is Ron McLean, a.k.a.The Dream Roper, The Dream Roperand I love to describe myself as a “child of God,” “a husband, father, and grandfather,” and “a staunch believer in God’s good plans for our lives”—and that means for our entire lives.

He wants us to finish strong, not shrink back in our golden years.

Because now so much wiser, now so much more astute, we can truly reach out to others with great impact, with eternal rewards.

Here’s my life in a nutshellI’m so honored to be married to my beautiful wife and partner-in-life, Barbara; to live in the breath-taking mountains of North Carolina (in a town called Fletcher) with our sweet puppy dog; and to have gained past experience working for major automotive corporations.

No experience is ever wasted—that’s so true.  So though I found myself without a JOB five years ago (yes, fired from a position that was entrenched in questionable ethics and a culture of intimidation), I could have hung up my saddle, settled for “existing,” and called it a day.

But I needed income and purpose, and God wasn’t through with me yet.

And if I’d done so, oh, what I would have missed.

Because today, I’m living out my “dream,”—my calling, if you will . . .

I’m passionately delighting in coming alongside small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs to guide, teach, and train them to not only earn a lucrative income and experience the freedom of home-business . . .

But to give them the deep meaning of enriching others and building into their lives.

I’m now shining a bright light on a life-changing path forward for a successful, growing team, and as they keep telling me time and again “It’s a transformed lifestyle—one of joy and freedom.”

For Barbara and I, this lifestyle has allowed us to . . .

  • Set our own schedule and work from home or anywhere in the world we’d like.
  • Have time to vacation and travel to see our kids and grandchildren.
  • Develop a sustainable income.
  • Discover a healthier outlook on life and find solutions for our own health concerns.
  • Enjoy helping other entrepreneurs to a fuller life—as they create their own life legacies.

When I started looking for the “right opportunity” a few years ago, I was smack on that overgrown path I described earlier . . . which direction was best?

The first path God opened for me led me to training with successful marketers (who specialized in internet, affiliate, and network marketing).  Through this training, I then narrowed my focus to Network Marketing—the best way I discovered to work actively with people and help them to build a successful business of their own.

They taught me a proven, highly successful system, one that includes providing great value for my team and following the ILT model:

*Invest   *Learn   *Teach

I’ve invested in myself, learned from the best, and am now teaching others how to become strong, successful entrepreneurs themselves. It’s a unique, effective approach—not “selling and telling,” but listening and meeting real needs.

It was God’s answer for me—and perhaps it will be for you as well.

Connect With Me

Are you ready to be bold and test the ropes?  Want to discover the frontier of financial and personal time freedom?  Then please reach out and connect with me, and let’s discuss options for your open path ahead.  Yes, you can do this!

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P.S. I truly believe that God gently leads us as we hold the reins of life loosely. Whether He’s telling you to “Go for it,” “Ask some honest questions,” or “Proceed cautiously,” right now, I totally get that.  Thanks again for the opportunity to connect and make a difference in your life!