Men, it’s Fathers’ Day – Why you should listen to your wife!

fathers day

Yes, I am a man and I am still learning. Even on Fathers’ Day.

Maybe I am a slow learner?
If you are a believer as I am, you likely believe that intuition is hearing from God.

If you are not a believer, you might consider intuition as increased vibration from the universe.


Either way, here are the results of me listening to Barbara.

I got what I wanted!


Barbara and RonWell first, back to intuition. have you found that most women seem to be more tuned-in than we men? 
You know, we guys are manly, we just suck it up and do it on our own power, right?

Why does the Bible tell us to pray about everything??? Could it be that we are not supposed to bulldoze our way through everything, on our own power?


Well here is what happened to me.


2010 OutbackWe have been remodelling our lake house in Texas and I sure could have used a truck.
I did put a trailer hitch on our 4 cylinder Outback and hauled various trailers, plus hauled a lot of stuff on the roof.

And yes, I have been admiring various trucks.

Well the renovations are finished and do I really need a truck? If you are a guy, maybe the word “need” is relative.

So as a responsible husband, I planned to do the preventative maintenance on the 2010 Outback which looks great and is running strong, to prepare it for another hundred thousand miles. Did I mention it has 305,000 miles on the odometer?

Chevy Colorado 4WD Crew CabWell, I listened to Barbara and guess what?

1. she said that I needed a vehicle with lower mileage as we often head out for 1,000 miles one way.
2. she said now was the time
3. on Sunday she said let’s go to a specific car lot and look
4. when we looked we found a truck for Ron – yippee – in fact, half the price and half the miles of other trucks on the lot
5. a 2005 Chevy Colorado 4WD Crew Cab with, are you ready? Thirteen Thousand Original Miles! How sweet is that? Hardly anybody even believes it.

Am I blessed or what?

Because I listened to Barbara, or God speaking to me through Barbara, I am now driving a cool truck!

What’s the moral of the story? Guys, let’s listen to our wives, as sometimes they see and feel things that we need to know.

Well it is almost Fathers’ Day.

Realistically, it’s always Fathers Day in this house thanks to Barbara.

Wishing all my fellow fathers a great day.

Ron “driving my truck” McLean
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