Why is Cancer Research Fatal? Hiding the Cures?

cancer research fatal

Why was cancer research fatal to these doctors? As Baby Boomers, we see family members and friends suffering and often dying from cancer. Perhaps you may be fighting this dreaded disease yourself. Have you read about alternative medical treatments too? Why is it that medical research that doesn’t profit the established medical industry and big…

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Men, it’s Fathers’ Day – Why you should listen to your wife!

fathers day

Yes, I am a man and I am still learning. Even on Fathers’ Day. Maybe I am a slow learner? If you are a believer as I am, you likely believe that intuition is hearing from God. If you are not a believer, you might consider intuition as increased vibration from the universe. Whatever…. Either…

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Toxic Water – Are you drinking downstream from the herd?

Dream Roper Water

Downstream from the herd? Toxic water? Is that true today? That sounds so Not Cool, right? I felt that I had it covered. I tried to avoid drinking tap water, and bought spring sourced bottle water instead. Have you also found that you are paying more for water than for gas at the gas stations?…

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4 “Healthy Oils” to Avoid!


Healthy Oils? In who’s opinion? I stumbled across this great article by Jake Carney on The Alternative Daily. We share the same opinion on these “Healthy Oils” and on Coconut Oil. Here’s Jake’s article: The REAL Truth About Coconut Oil Plus, Four “Common Yet Dangerous” Oils You Should Never Eat… If You Want to Heal,…

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Why so many food allergies today?

food allergies

Food allergies today – What can we do to avoid them ? What if you could go back to “a safer time”? Yes I know, things have changed since the 50’s and 60’s we used to eat “real food” more food was locally grown, not transported over long distances and losing nutrition we ate what was…

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No Humpty Dumpty – no Easter Bunny

Not Humpty Dumpty

Fresh eggs, more than Humpty Dumpty or Easter Eggs Today I found a great local source. We remember, back in the day, when time began, we ate eggs daily to get us going in the mornings. We were told there were lots of vitamins, gave us energy, and tasted great too. Then the folks who…

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Little known Coconut Oil facts and tips

Little Known Facts on Coconut Oil

Here’s some powerful coconut oils facts I discovered in an online article on yaadhustletv.com and thought you would find value here as I did. In fact, after you review this information you just may become a huge fan of coconut oil! Here it is! They said coconut oil was good for you but this is what…

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My Doctor was Amazed – Here’s Why.

Why can I say “my doctor was amazed” Now that doesn’t happen everyday, does it?   My doctor came into the examining room yesterday, and normally we wait to hear the bad news, right. He says hello and you wait for the “other shoe to drop” normally. Well I was there for my annual medical…

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The Rest of the Story

rest of the story

The Rest of the Story from my last post!   Wow, I was amazed at what I saw in their cart!   Two women were checking out at the grocery story ahead of us. On the conveyor belt was everything in packages 2 boxes of Jimmy Dean sausages and gravy (well, I do live in…

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What is Perimeter Shopping and what does it mean to you?

Perimeter Shopping

We hear a lot more about Perimeter Shopping lately from health conscious individuals. I was pleased to see the following article by my friend Michael Trayford published in the Fairview Town Crier, a local paper. Michael is a chiropractor who has focused on neurology and has created a team at Apex Brain Centers who are…

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