The Rest of the Story

rest of the story

The Rest of the Story from my last post!   Wow, I was amazed at what I saw in their cart!   Two women were checking out at the grocery story ahead of us. On the conveyor belt was everything in packages 2 boxes of Jimmy Dean sausages and gravy (well, I do live in…

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What is Perimeter Shopping and what does it mean to you?

Perimeter Shopping

We hear a lot more about Perimeter Shopping lately from health conscious individuals. I was pleased to see the following article by my friend Michael Trayford published in the Fairview Town Crier, a local paper. Michael is a chiropractor who has focused on neurology and has created a team at Apex Brain Centers who are…

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Why would we poison our kids?

Why do we poison our kids

Are we really doing that, to poison our kids? Most of us really want to protect our kids but we are unknowingly giving them poison on a daily basis. Have you ever read the warning labels on your toothpaste? I know we pay little attention to warning labels as most of them insult our intelligence,…

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3 High fat foods that FIGHT Aging in your body

fight aging

3 High fat foods that FIGHT Aging in your body We are all looking for anything to fight aging, right? We all know big business food guidlines are here to help us, right? Don’t you feel that the foods that man hasn’t interfered with would make better choices? Then why are we as a nation are getting…

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You only get one!

You only get one body

That’s right, you only get one body, so what can you do about it? None of us know how much time we have left. Have you heard the same comment as I have? If I only know how long I was going to live, I would have taken better care of my body. A couple…

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Night Vision – Rainy Night Driving

Night Vision

Night Vision Problems? Have you noticed that one sign of aging is a decrease in vision? Especially when driving on a rainy night. I hated that! As for me, I first got “reading glasses” when I was 45, and I have unfortunately seen the Rx strength increase over time. Time does march on! But here’s the…

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How to leave the past behind

Why we must leave the past behind. Of coarse we have to leave the past behind, it is the past, for goodness sakes And we Baby Boomers have a “lot of past”, don’t we. We can celebrate our past victories while refusing to be dragged down by our mistakes, which we have all made by the…

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Are Bacon and Eggs Healthy?

Healthy bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs healthy?  You gotta be kidding, right? You can even read about it in Time Magazine (from 60 years ago). As a Baby Boomer, I remember eating butter, bacon and eggs, before all the smart people told us it was bad for our health. Well, back to bacon and eggs, it depends. Bacon…

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Are you putting your furry friend in harm’s way?

Gambling with your furry friend's health

That’s right our Furry Friends, for Baby Boomers, are now our immediate family. As our kids are grown, sometimes our grandkids, our constant companions are our dogs and cats. We want them to be happy, and especially to be healthy, right? We also go out of our way to avoid the cheap pet food and upgrade to the…

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Serious About Big Changes? 2 Simple Steps

2 Simple Steps

Start Simple with 2 Simple Steps? But you have a long ways to go, right? Setting goals is good but making changes necessary to reach those goals is better. As a Baby Boomer, I have maybe had too much experience on what hasn’t worked? Thinking back on last year, did you find that you didn’t…

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